Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact or visit us. We will gladly answer your questions.

If I want to hunt, which course(s) must I follow?

The CFSC and the ICAF courses are required.

If I want to own a restricted firearm, what course(s) must I follow?

The CFSC and CRFSC courses are required to obtain a PAL for restricted firearms. Afterwards, you must follow the Law 9 competency course, which is obligatory in all shooting ranges in Québec. If you want to become a member of the CTM, you must also follow the club safety course. You can obtain further information in the “Training & Initiations” section of our website or in the “Become a member” section.

Can I renew my membership by phone or e-mail?

No. You must show up in person and bring your PAL as well as your Law 9 competency card. If you are the member of another club, please bring your membership card of that club. When you come in person to the club, we will give you the form and proof of membership to obtain your authorization to transport a firearm.

I am not a member, but I am the holder of a PAL for non-restricted firearms. Can I shoot my firearm at your range?

Yes. You must bring your PAL as well as the registration certificate of the firearm you are bringing.

How much is... ?

We do not give prices by telephone or email, except for items that we sell. If you want to know our prices, please show up in person at the club.

I have done the theoretical portion of the Law 9 competency test with the FQT. I must do the practical test. Can I do it at your club?

Yes. Please contact Lizie and take an appointment with her.

Do you offer the complete Law 9 competency course and test?

Yes. Every Wednesday from 6PM. Previously, you have to register on the FQT’s website ( – Training, Bill 9, Training Calendar, Montreal and you choose the date. You must show up at the club on the Wednesday that you registered around 5h30pm. Please see the FQT’s calendar to make sure there is a course on that particular Wednesday. You will pay the registration fees on the FQT’s website and the evening of the course, you will have to pay for the firearm and the ammunition to do the practical test. To avoid having to come back on another Wednesday night, we suggest you also follow the club security course on the same evening that starts at 6PM even if you do not wish to immediately become a member. It is possible to do the club security course at a later date. The price for that course is 82.50$ plus applicable taxes.

Do you offer a service of firearm storage?

Yes, for a fee we provide storage for handguns.

What is an associate member? (Cost)

An associate member has access to a reduced membership cost because of his work for a security agency, a police force, the armed forces, or another job in which his employment requires the use of a firearm. He must present his accreditation as such when subscribing a new membership or renewing it.

I am a member. Can I bring a guest?

Yes. You are responsible for them at all times. As indicated in club rules, you must remain with your guest and watch him when he uses a firearm.

Can I fire two firearms at once?

No. As indicated in club rules, only one firearm can be used at a firing position.

What kind of target can I use?

All paper and cardboard target except those having prominent human characteristics like eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Silhouettes are allowed.

Can I use steel jacketed, steel core, tracer, percing or surplus ammunition?

NO.   All this ammunition is prohibited of use in our facilities.  “MFS” and “Barnaul” brand ammunition are prohibited.

Can I carry a firearm in a holster?

If you are the holder of a Black Badge issued by IPSC Quebec or if your employment requires you to carry a firearm in a holster and you are training at the club with an instructor employed by your employer, you are allowed to use your firearm with a holster. Otherwise, the use of a holster is not allowed.