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ThrowFlame - Napalm Jumbo Mix

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Powder-based gelling agent that is non-toxic, non-hazardous, user friendly, efficient and can be used with most available fuels.

No specialized equipment required for mixing, simply stir the fuel to promote fast gelling (mixing instructions included).


ThrowFlame - Napalm Jumbo Mix

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  • ThrowFlame - Napalm Jumbo Mix
  • ThrowFlame - Napalm Jumbo Mix


Works well with diesel and diesel/gasoline mixtures. Other fuels may be used such as diesel, Jet A, Jet B, AVgas, as well as ethanol blended gasoline. Creates excellent viscosity retention of gelled fuel.

This Napalm Mix thickens normal liquid fuels and transforms them into a syrupy consistency. Allowing the fuel to stick to targets and to create a long lasting burn. Compatible with the X15 and XL18 flamethrower.


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