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Single Stage 3.5lb Trigger (Curved)

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Advanced performance meets precision machining and ultra slick styling in the shape of the new E-CT1™ Single Stage Trigger from LANTAC.
Available in both Hybrid Curve & Flat Bow designs to suit any shooters preference the E-CT1™ is also offered in a variety of pull weights and configurations, meaning you can run it in a Duty Rifle or in competition at the range.
The trigger features massive improvements over the original with entirely different sear engagement surfaces that remove creep and deliver a super crisp break. Radically different internal geometry also creates insanely short reset and near non existent over travel that will greatly decrease split times and give you a big advantage over the competition.

The Hammer, Trigger & Disconnector are precision machined from S7 tool steel with a proprietary sear manufacturing process that yields an incredibly smooth engagement surface and all parts are then case hardened before Black Oxide finish.

Single Stage 3.5lb Trigger (Curved)

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  • Single Stage 3.5lb Trigger (Curved)


The CNC machined Aluminum cassette has adjustment set screws built in that allows the user to set perfect pin tension and the trigger can be installed with standard pins or the threaded screw types seen in previous designs.
The cassette is Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized Class2 Black and then Laser engraved for identification.


Comes complete with Trigger Assembly and Pin Set.